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The EZPak is a revolutionary new tool for injectable packing of all types. Designed to be rugged and frustration free, the EZPak eliminates many of the common problems plaguing conventional packing guns.




What sets EZPak apart from the competition is its utilization of a common, two-stage manual hydraulic "porta power" pump used to power the gun. The power behind the EZPak, the "porta power" pumps are used to power many commonly used tools in pump repair and maintenance shops, making EZPak ideal for most facilities. By utilizing a "porta power", EZPak is not only easier for the operator to use, it speeds up the injection process by up to 10x compared to common injectable packing guns while allowing for operation of the EZPak gun in any position, even underwater if the application requires.


Reduce frustrations and delays associated with other injectable packing guns and upgrade to the EZPak today.



Major Pros:

Powered by a common manual hydraulic "porta power" for  hassle free operation

Injects packing at nearly 10X the speed of comparable guns

Works in any position, even underwater if the application requires

Durable, frustration free design



Information & photos courtesy: EZPak


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