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     Kelley Industrial Sales has distinguished itself as an innovator at solving tough problems for its customers in the petroleum refining, process chemical and power generation industries.

     Founded in 1997,we are recognized for technical excellence as a distributor and fabricator of industrial gaskets, Inpro Seal™ bearing isolators, Utex fluid sealing products and pioneering application of the state of the art Unirem oil remediation and spill response products.

We specialize in the fabrication of high temperature Kao Wool™ board and insulation materials, high temp Grafoil™ gaskets and a wide range of elastomer and compressed non asbestos materials.

We developed the Kelley Industrial Sales, Inc. Century 2000 Sewer Cover™ for the petroleum refining industry. Our sewer cover reduces the chance for refinery drain fires caused by ignition of complex aromatic fumes during turn around "hot works" by quenching weld spatter in our water filled reservoir before the ignition source can enter the drain.

We introduced Unirem™ PRP Oil Buster to the industrial market place in 2004. PRP is a natural, totally organic, "Green" and environmentally friendly oil remediation product capable of absorbing 64 times its weight in diesel, kerosene, hydraulic oil, medium and heavy crude oil from spills in waterways, environmentally sensitive wetlands and industrial sites. Oil based pollutants at troubled industrial sites were reduced by 98% in only three weeks!

We work cooperatively with Plidco™, the worlds safest and easiest to install pipeline & refinery leak repair products.




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