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Liquid Heat – Liquid Deicer and Ice Preventative

Manufacturer: Zircon Industries


Since 1972, Liquid Heat from Zircon Industries has been the industry’s premier liquid deicer. Effective in ice melting and prevention in applications where others have failed, Liquid Heat works to both melt built up ice, and prevent ice from forming.

How it Works


Liquid Heat works by penetrating ice and frost on equipment during extreme weather conditions. The specialized formula melts ice buildup and then works to prevent further accumulation of ice, snow, and other frozen material.


A onetime application of Liquid Heat liquid deicer works from the bottom up. Liquid Heat's specialized formula of chemicals suppresses the freezing point on contact, allowing glycols to work more effectively at temperatures as low as -60°F!


Liquid Heat is OSHA and EPA approved, non-flammable and non-hazardous, and is approved by Goodyear Belting.



Common Applications


+ Conveyor Belts

+ Rollers

+ Pulleys

+ Hoist Cables

+ Construction Equipment


+ Docks

+ Railroad Tracks

+ Switches

+ Truck Beds

+ Train Cars


How It's Sold

Order your Liquid Heat today! Sold in:

+ 5 Gallon pails

+ 55 Gallon drums

+ 330 Gallon totes

+ Tanks (min. 1,500 gallons)


>> See Literature

>> See SDS Sheet


Liquid Heat by Zircon Industries


Liquid Heat is designed, developed and manufactured by Zircon Industries, Inc. Kelley Industrial is an authorized distributor acting on behalf of Zircon Industries and Liquid Heat.


Liquid Heat, its trademarks and copyrights are wholly owned by Zircon Industries, Inc.


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