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SpeedPro Wrap


     SpeedPro Wrap Hot Pipe Insulation |



Hot pipe connections are often difficult to insulate with conventional insulation solutions. Pumps, valves, flanges and other pipe connections often go uninsulated by "professional installers" due to limitations of conventional insulation solutions. Uninsulated pipes create work safety hazards for employees and result in significant heat loss, both result in significant costs to your bottom line.


SpeedPro Wrap™ Hot Pipe Insulation System


SpeedPro Wrap hot pipe insulation is a versatile, water and weather resistant insulation system that prevents 85% or more of heat loss caused by exposed, uninsulated pipes, pumps, vales and other pipe connections. Unlike other insulation solutions that require a team of installers, SpeedPro Wrap is simple to install and can be placed on active systems preventing the need for costly downtime. Removable and reusable, SpeedPro Wrap allows your team access to your systems for routine repairs and maintenance.


Prevent injuries, limit heat loss, and improve your bottom line with SpeedPro Wrap Hot Pipe Insulation Systems.


Product Highlights:

Fiber glass lining rated for 1000 F

Impregnated silicon fabric shell is water & weather resistant

Works on hard to insulate pipe connections including pumps, valves, flanges, hot oil jumpers and more

Removable and reusable insulation allowing you access to your system for repairs and maintenance

Can be installed on active systems, no downtime required



Information & photos courtesy: HotPipeInsulation/SpeedPro Wrap


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