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For more than two decades, Kelley Industrial has worked closely with our customers, utilizing a consultative approach, to recommend and supply the right solutions suited to their unique needs and circumstances.


From pipeline repair and maintenance fittings to sealing and packing solutions, Kelley Industrial offers a variety of product solutions to service the maintenance repair and operating replacement parts market, as well as select OEM solutions, that support continued operations in the power generation, process chemical, oil and gas, refining, midstream/pipeline logistics, and general manufacturing industries.


At Kelley Industrial we take pride in providing our customers outstanding service, tailored solutions, and quick turn around on the products they need to keep manufacturing in motion.


Products & Services


Pipeline Repair


+ Engineered Fittings from PLIDCO


Sealing & Packaging


+ Custom Fluid Sealing Solutions from UTEX Industries

+ Bearing Protection and Process Seals from Inpro/Seal

+ Injectable Packing Guns from EZPak

+ Custom fabricated Grafoil equals Gaskets and Seals

+ Kao Wool Gaskets and Seals

+ Spiral Wound Flexitallic equals Gaskets

+ Mechanical Seals

+ Compression Packing

+ Expansion Joints

+ Braided and Injectable packing


Specialty Chemicals


+ Cleaners, Degreasers, and Sanitizer from West Penetone

+ Deicers, Lubricants, and Dust Control from Zircon Industries    




Environmental and Workplace Safety


+ FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer Steri-Touch from Zircon

+ Kelley Industrial Century 2000 Drain Covers

+ Natural Hydrocarbon Remediation from UniRemInc

+ Hot Pipe Insulation from SpeedPro Wrap

+ Absorbents

+ Custom Cut-and-Sow High Temperature Fabrications

+ Welding Screens

+ Booms and Sweeps

+ Containment Solutions


General & Specialty Manufacturing


+ Hardfacing Metalworking Applications from Cleveland Hardfacing

+ Specialty Hoses and Couplings

+ Fabricated Plastics

+ Urethane Products

+ Conveyor Belting

+ Skirt Board Rubber

+ High Temperature Thermal and Electrical Insulation Solutions



Popular Products

+ FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer

+ Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator

+ Citrikleen HD Citrus Degreaser

+ Industrial Drain Covers



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