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Universal Remediation, Inc.

Universal Remediation, Inc. has developed a variety of unique, hydrocarbon remediation tools around its "PRP" (Petroleum Remediation Product) allowing end users various ways to combat hydrocarbon spill. PRP products are all natural, green products  designed and manufactured to the highest standards at the company owned and operated manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA.


Designed around NASA spin-off technology, Unirem (Universal Remediation, Inc) manufactures the industries best natural alternative to hydrocarbon spills and is available in the USA and across the world. Contact Kelley Industrial directly for more information or visit our product pages bellow.




Listed bellow is an abbreviated list of the products we carry for Universal Remediation, Inc. For a full list of products please contact us directly. Specialized products available on request.



Universal Remediation, Inc. | Product Catalog (Site Under Construction, Check Back for More Products Soon)


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Petroleum Remediation Products Powder (PRP)




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