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Century 2000 Industrial Drain Cover

Manufacturer: Kelley Industrial Sales, inc.


The Kelley Industrial Century 2000 is an industrial grade drain cover designed to isolate drain and sewage systems commonly found in refineries, power generation facilities, process chemical plants and a variety of other general and specialty manufacturing sites.

How it Works


The Century 2000 works in two ways to guard your critical drain and sewage systems.

First, the Century isolates your sewer system, helping to prevent hot work and other potentially dangers containments from entering your system.

Second, the Century seals in dangerous vapors, preventing them from escaping into the workplace.


Manufactured with light weight puncture, fire and chemical resistant materials the Century 2000 is the ideal sewer cover solution for your manufacturing facility.



Common Applications


+ Refineries

+ Process Chemical Plants

+ Power Generation Facilities

+ General & Specialty Manufacturers

+ Municipalities


+ Construction Sites

+ Mines

+ Asphalt Plants

+ Other Industrial Sites


How It's Sold

Order your Century 2000 Drain Covers today! Sold in:

+ Standard Sizes - 3'x3, 4x4', 5x5', 6x6'

+ Standard Colors - Black, Yellow

+ Custom colors and sizes available on request




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Century 2000 Industrial Sewer Cover by Kelley Industrial


Century 2000 is designed, developed and manufactured by Kelley Industrial Sales, Inc. Kelley Industrial Sales is the only authorized reseller of the Century 2000.


Century 2000, its trademarks and copyrights are wholly owned by Kelley Industrial Sales, Inc. 


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