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Citrikleen HD - Heavy-Duty Citrus Based Solvent Degreaser

Manufacturer: Penetone


With more than 100 years of manufacturing and product development experience, Penetone offers a broad range of cleaners and degreasers to suite your needs. Citrikleen HD is a patented blend of natural hydrocarbon solvent (non-petroleum), carbon removers and surfactants suited for a variety of metal surface cleaning applications.

How it Works


Citrikleen HD is a versatile and highly concentrated industrial degreaser that is safe for a variety of metal surface cleaning applications. Citrikleen HD works to dislodge and reduce carbonaceous soils, gelled oils and grease masses and can be effectively applied in a range of applications including chemical circulation procedures in pipelines and vessels.


Citrikleen HD is biodegradable (after soil release), contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents and is a safer alternative than conventional solvents. Testing by the US Air Force laboratories has proven Citrikleen HD to be a suitable cleaning agent for aircraft and aeronautical equipment as Citrikleen HD is non-corrosive on most metals including aluminum, magnesium, mild steel, cast iron, copper and cadmium.



Common Applications


+ Gas Turbines

+ Aircraft & Aeronautical Equipment

+ Pipelines and Pipeline Equipment

+ Storage Tanks & Vessels

+ Train Cars

+ Desalters


+ Cooling Towers

+ Fin Fans

+ Heat Exchangers

+ Grinders, Trucks & Tractors

+ Industrial Equipment


How It's Sold

Order your Citrikleen HD today! Sold in:

+ 5 Gallon pails (metal and plastic)

+ 55 Gallon drums

+ 330 Gallon totes

+ Tanks (min. 1,500 gallons)

+ Aerosol Cans (min. 12 cans, 16.5 oz)


>> See Literature

>> See SDS Sheet


Citrikleen HD by West Penetone


Citrikleen HD is designed, developed and manufactured by West Penetone, Inc. Kelley Industrial is an authorized agent acting on behalf of West Penetone and Citrikleen HD.


Citrikleen HD, its trademarks and copyrights are wholly owned by West Penetone, Inc.


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