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BioSokô - Natural, Nontoxic and Biodegradable Bilge Sock

Manufacturer: Universal Remediation, Inc.


BioSokô is a nontoxic, biodegradable, and easy-to-use bilge sock for pleasure craft. Placed in the boat bilge, the BioSokô will absorb and biodegrade the motor and fuel oil that leaks under normal boating conditions - preventing oils from escaping into marina waters. When you need to protect marine waters from boat bilge oil and other fuel contaminants, trust BioSokô.

How it Works


Placed inside a boat bilge, the BioSokô floats on top of the water in the boat bilge and beings to absorb the oil, reducing odors while simultaneously biodegrading the leaking motor oil and fuel. PRP Powder, the active ingredient in the BioSokô, consists of tiny microspheres of treated wax, which contain nutrients. When the PRP Powder in the BioSokô encounter the fuel oil or other hydrocarbons, the spheres "bind" with the oil, absorbing it. Nutrients within the sphere attract naturally occurring microorganisms from the immediate environment, creating an ideal ecosystem for them to flourish and begin to biodegrade the fuel and motor oil.


BioSokô typical lasts a full boating season (4-6 months)

When BioSokô is depleted, simply throw away the fabric sleeve - no special disposal required

For a pleasure craft 40' or smaller, one BioSokô is recommended per season


PRP, the active ingredient in the BioSokô, as seen on History Channel's "Modern Marvels"


PRP, the active ingredient in the BioSokô, featured in "Modern Marvels" episode showcasing NASA technology developed in space that are improving our everyday lives.


How It's Sold

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BioSokô is sold individually by the sock, for bulk orders contact





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BioSokô by Universal Remediation


BioSokô is designed, developed and manufactured by Universal Remediation, Inc. Kelley Industrial is an authorized distributor/reseller acting on behalf of Universal Remediation.


BioSokô, its trademarks and copyrights are wholly owned by Universal Remediation, Inc.


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